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Let's Be More Than We Think Can Be
Let's Make Our Cities Better
Refresh Philly December

We’re pleased to announce that Chris Bartlett (aka @harveymilk on Twitter) will be leading the next hands-on installment of Refresh Philly!

A few months ago, Chris gave a heartfelt presentation at Ignite Philly about the Gay History Wiki, a project he has been working on for many years to honor and recognize the multitude of gay Philadelphians who have died since 1960.

View the Ignite Philly presentation >>

The Gay History Wiki raises many other issues to the surface, such as how do we remember the dead in social networks? How do we share a person’s history and context through images, connections, and comments?

We’ll explore these questions and more as we breakout into groups to brainstorm ways to take this project to the next level.

As always, doors open at 6pm and RSVP is required to gain entrance to the Comcast Center. Please RSVP on Facebook or email refresh[at] to get on the list.

Refresh Philly December
6:00 to 8:30pm
The Comcast Center
17th & JFK

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